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Couple shares the love of a musical treat

Flagstaff Team

Blue-ribbon good sorts… Eighty-somethings Ann and Floyd Hulena still help others get to a monthly music show celebrating its 21st year at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna.

Volunteers extraordinaire Floyd and Ann Hulena are in their 80s, but still helping others get to the monthly ‘Morning Melodies’ at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna.

The pair, who have been into music and dancing all their lives, are super-fans of the feel-good music show they’ve been attending for two decades.

These days, 84-year-old Floyd ferries two vanloads of rest-home residents to the performances.

The couple lived in Milford for 55 years and have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They have had a lifetime of volunteering across multiple organisations and committees.

They met through square dancing, which they did for 31 years, travelling all over the world to dancing conventions.

Other life highlights include Floyd working as an official at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games, and a convention trip to Disneyland which opened for attendees from midnight to 5am. “So we’ve had some fun,” Ann says.

Their volunteering included involvement in their two children’s sports teams, and continues at the Railway Enthusiasts’Society in Onehunga every Thursday.

Volunteers are always needed, Ann says. “They say this country, what would it do without volunteers? It can be a very rewarding time I think.”

The pair now have six grandchildren and have hardly slowed down. “It’s been a great life,” Floyd says. “I don’t think it’s finished yet though.”

Asked for a Morning Melodies highlight, the couple say it’s difficult to pick one. “That’s a hard one to answer because we’ve enjoyed them all,” Floyd says.

The feel-good music show has been entertaining Takapuna for 21 years.

It started with performances of the Royal New Zealand Navy Band and has expanded to include a variety of artists including brass bands, school bands and popular entertainers.

The next performance, on 13 June, features Robin Kelly, a pianist, singer-songwriter, musical director, composer, and a massive Beatles and Elvis fan. Singer Jackie Clarke is on 18 July.

Tickets, including refreshments, are $7.

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