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Milford restaurant-bar seeks switch to tavern licence

Flagstaff Team

Licence change wanted… Milford Motel, viewed from East Coast Rd

Public opinion seems mixed over a Milford restaurant-bar’s application to change its alcohol on-licence to a tavern classification.
The Milford Motel, which opened near the corner of East Coast Rd and Shakespeare Rd in August last year, currently operates under a restaurant licence.
Restaurants are intended to be principally for supplying meals, while taverns chiefly provide alcohol and other refreshments. Taverns often provide entertainment such as live music.
When the Milford Residents Association notified its members of the application during its annual general meeting last month, some attendees expressed concern that a tavern licence classification would mean more noise, which they said could often be heard by residents up East Coast Rd.
But Milford Business Association manager Murray Hill told the Observer most people in the community supported the application and that only a small group of “Nimbys” were complaining.
The Milford Motel currently holds an alcohol on-licence and operates as a class 1 restaurant ,which allows it to have a separate bar area which can run in the manner of a tavern at least one night a week.
The application from BCR Hospitality Limited to vary the Milford Motel on-licence says noise complaints have previously been made to council but all resulted in a finding of either “No Noise” or “Not Excessive”.
Council had conducted a monitoring site visit and found the noise levels were compliant, and the applicant’s own readings had found that the noise from the venue was within the required Unitary Plan limits.
A noise-management plan was in place and adhered to and the sound system had “limiters” installed.
The period for public objections to the application closes on 13 June.
If objections are received, an inspector is required to investigate concerns raised. The file, including the inspector’s report, is then forwarded to the District Licensing Committee (DLC), which will set a date for a hearing.
The DLC will make a decision on the application after the hearing is held.
When there are no objections, or any opposition from licensing inspectors, police or the Medical Officer of Health, the DLC makes a decision without a hearing being required.
The applicants did not respond by press time to a request for comment on their plans.

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