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Winter warmer: Hauraki children give to needy

Flagstaff Team

Winter warmers… Hauraki Primary pupils (from left) Mila Barber (9), Eva Barber (6) and Maddy McLiver (9) with donations for Give a Kid a Blanket

Hauraki Primary School has donated a bundle of blankets to the Give a Kid a Blanket charity to help keep families warm this winter.

Hauraki resident Colleen Simpson has worked as a volunteer with the Give a Kid a Blanket charity since 2015, collecting and encouraging the donation of blankets, beanies and jackets for families struggling in winter.

“It’s a fantastic charity because the need is so great,” said Simpson. “Every night I go to sleep in my nice warm bed but there are kids out there who sleep in the cold and don’t get a good night’s rest,” she said.

Simpson said she is applying for funding grants to increase the charity’s output.

Give a Kid a Blanket was founded in 2015 by artists Bernie Harfleet and Donna Sarten who read of a coroner’s report about a little girl who passed away from cold and damp housing conditions. They felt they needed to find a way to immediately improve the conditions for families during winter.

They have since collected growing donations of blankets and duvets, which they have delivered to public health nurses and other social services.

“Covid-19 has shown that anyone’s quality of life could change at any moment and so it’s important to give support, and accept it as well,” said Harfleet.

This article originally appeared in the 7 August 2020 edition of the Rangitoto Observer.

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