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Slim pickings for Castor Bay clean-up crew

Flagstaff Team

Plastic rubbish, a rope and some seaweed for the garden were all that was collected by around a dozen people who turned up for a Castor Bay clean-up over Labour Weekend, organised by the Shore’s The Clean-Up Crew.

On the rocks… Cole Barfoot, Connor Doherty and Jackson Parker (all 14)
Head down… Mary Pottinger, who collected seaweed for her garden along with the rubbish, adopts the emu position
Boots off, bucket on… Emma Wingrove
On the hunt… Terri Prest
Bucket brigade… (from left) Tracy Peers, David Peers, Murray Bell and Debbie Bell
Zal, Zuri (5), and Zeek (9) Pagong

These photos originally appeared in the November 8 edition of the Rangitoto Observer.