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Super City protestor heartened

Flagstaff Team

Taking it to the top… Milford’s Susan Wann is happy her protest against the Super city is being reported to Parliament

A Milford woman is hailing progress in her fight against the Auckland Super City, with a committee’s report on her petition being referred to Parliament.

Susan Wann addressed the Governance and Administration Committee on her petition, calling for an inquiry into Auckland Council, in May.

Wann spoke about her petition – signed by nearly 800 people in August 2018 – and supporting evidence of widespread frustration that Auckland Council appears to be ignoring the views of local communities and shutting residents and local boards out of decisions that affect them.

Now the committee has heard a response from deputy mayor Bill Cashmore who said an independent review in 2016 led to recommendations for council processes, including improving the relationship with local boards.

The committee has now produced a report to the House of Representatives, in which it recommends the council devolve more budget and authority to local boards.

Wann is heartened the committee in its report considered not only her petition but a more recent council survey, run by Colmar Brunton, finding public satisfaction with Auckland Council is around 20 per cent and trust in council decision-making is also 20 per cent.

“It’s a small thing, but I think there has been a lot of small things. I hope it’s a cog in the wheel that brings a focus to bear on a need for more democracy in local government,” Wann says.

This article originally appeared in the November 22 edition of the Rangitoto Observer.